Practice Yoga

The practice of yoga through asanas, pranayama, cultivates moral health, social health, physico-physiological health and spiritual health.

A constant practice helps to keep the various systems of the human body in balance and in harmony.

Revitalize Body & Mind

A healthy, balanced vegetarian diet centered on fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds and legumes can affect the human body in many good ways.

Helps to eliminate toxins, enhance the skin quality, improve your mood, increase your energy and feel more balanced and relaxed.

Discover & Explore

Few things are more exciting than the idea of travelling. Travelling provides self exploration, continuous learning, memories and experiences.

By discover and explore new destinations you are broadening your horizons, as well as developing your intelligence. In philosophy, travelling is considered as an extension of the journey of life.

Welcome to Green Tree Yoga eco Retreats

We are people who enjoy to discover unique places, where nature is inspiring and enchanting. There we love to organise Yoga Retreats and share the experience to revitalize body and mind.

We love to explore and immerse in the traditions, tastes and colors to feed eyes and soul.

We invite you to participate and experience a custom tailored retreat, through yoga meditation practice that is a beautiful medium to improve the connection with yourself and other people.